About Cryom CRYOM is a small software company located in Sweden. Our mission is to make the web an easier and more enjoyable place for everyone.

The secret to this, according to us, is combining high technology with great design. We take pride in making sure that the amazing things our engineers can build are as easy to use and as beautiful to behold as they are on the inside. We love creating new products and enhance existing ones, everything that makes Internet a more fun and easier place to be for everyone.

We work with all type of tools, from hand sketching half-formed thoughts to wire-frames, from more advanced mock-ups to high end prototypes and from there we create a full fledged product. We use every available technique to make the end product just as awesome as it can possibly get. However our first most goal is to have fun, when we have fun that is when we are the most creative.

Our vision

A global leader in online publishing.

Our vision is to become a global leader in user friendly online publishing tools. We want to help everyone become a voice on the Internet. We want everyone to be able to publish and express their thoughts and ideas. No matter what your prerequisites are, no matter if you are an individual, an organization or a business we want to help you in your online communication.

We set a high goal, we really aim at the moon, but we also know that the difference between a good product and a great one is how high you aim, and how big of a risk you are willing to take.

We want to set the standards for all applications, we want them to be accessible for all. What is our goal, and that is our vision.

Our mission

Make the web more enjoyable for all

Our purpose, the reason we exist is to make the web a more enjoyable place to be for everyone. That is what basically dives us. There are a lot of brilliant solutions, tons and tons of smart products, just a load of great services available for all kinds of interest and needs.

But! No matter how great of an invention you have made, if people don't understand it, then it's ultimately just crap.

Our mission, if you chose to accept it, is simply to try to make everything We do, just a little bit easier to use, just a little bit easier for everyone to access and understand.

We just want to make the web easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

our values

We put our customers at the center

Our customers are really our business. It's their needs what drives us. We don't think any product should be limited to a chosen few just because you haven't worked hard enough on making them easy and enjoyable to use for everyone. Ultimately it's about freedom and about democracy. We think it's important that everyone has a chance to be part of this fantastic invention that Internet is.

For us it's also important to give back to society, it's imporntant to do what we can to contribute and to help others. As much as we can we sponsor none profit organizations, and humanitarian organizations. We offer all our products at half the normal cost.

This is something that will never change!