We're hiring! CRYOM is a small software company located in Sweden. Do you want to make the web an easier and more enjoyable place for everyone?

If you feel like us, that making the web an easier and more enjoyable place for everyone is something that makes your tick, that a great mission in life is to always try to make things better, smoother, easier and more enjoyable to use, then we have something in common. Let us know what else makes your heart pump, and what makes your creativity flow. We'd like to know.

At CRYOM we work with all type of tools, from hand sketching, to advanced mockups, and from high end prototypes into a full fledged product. We use every available technique to make the end product just as awesome as it can possibly get. However our first most goal is to have fun, when we have fun that is when we are the most creative.

Have you done something awesome in the past and want to do more of it in the future? Then please drop us an e-mail and let us know!

All Jobs Require

  • Great communication skills. Communication is the key for all successful projects, everyone knows that frequent and clear written and spoken communication is a must.
  • Self-driven work ethic. You need to be a self-starter, take initiative and take pride in seeing things through to completion.
  • Curiosity and the desire to learn. When we stop being curious we stop making things better, and who knows what will be the skills and needs of tomorrow? Flexibility and the desire to learn is key.
  • Prestige less and open to new ideas. We learn from each other and share our ideas and thoughts. The lone ranger might be cool on TV, but here we are a team. We work together and we are not afraid to change our minds.