What do we do? CRYOM is a small company with a big goal: We want to make the web an easier and more enjoyable place for everyone.

Cryom is primary about creating products, that's where we are strong and that's what we love to do the most. Main focus is on content management systems, like Webmaster Perfect and the Mivisu system. But we also have a great fondness of games, especially games for kids. We focus both on just fun but also on edutainment. What better way is there than combining entertainment with education?

Cryom also has a strong focus on accessibility. For us it's important to also take in account all the people with some kind of disability, these people are all to often neglected. That's why we also have a section of games especially developed for this audience. We take pride in this, but we also know that you can always be better. You can always be better in understanding other peoples needs.

WebMaster Perfect

Mivisu system WebMaster Perfect is an advanced and very flexible content management system that enables you to easily create and update your web pages. WebMaster Perfect contains several tools to facilitate the management and combines powerful modules with an intuitive and easy to use user interface. Because the system is modular and flexible, it can easily be adapted to best suit your needs, whether the system will be used to administer websites for associations or companies.

The integrated and web based publishing tool enables you to easily publish and update the site from any computer you wish. Administration is via a standard web browser with Internet access. The publishing tool is easy to use and you do not need any programming skills. Via predefined templates and an interface resembling a word processor you can create the look and content you desire.

For best possible cost efficiency the system comes, in the basic version, with five freely elective modules. You can at any time change these modules as you see fit or add extra modules from the module store. That means you only pay for what you really need, nothing more nothing less.

Visit: www.webmasterperfect.com


Mivisu system The Mivisu system is primarily developed for individuals and smaller businesses. In some ways it's a light version of WebMaster Perfect, and as such it also has its limitations. In general we feel that the supply of simple and inexpensive web publishing tools are limited. Mivisu is a fresh new tool for those who just want a simple blog, a photo album to share with your friends and family. Mivisu is also a strong alternative for small business that has no real experience of creating a website but still feel the need of one.

As a slimmed version of WebMaster Perfect, Mivisu is basically a module based service where you add and remove functionality as you see fit. The basic version of Mivisu is fully free of charge but is thus limited it its performance. The biggest difference between WebMaster Perfect and Mivisu is the amount of available modules, Mivisu does not support all functionality of WebMaster Perfect because we want the service to be free for most users. WebMaster Perfect also require that you own a domain while Mivisu does not support the usage of your own domain at all.

Mivisu has its own a modular shop where you very cheap can buy extra functionality such as more space, purchase access to one or more email accounts and more.

Visit: www.mivisu.com


Mivisu system Yes, we also do games...

The world is as we all know getting more and more digitized. Soon there is no more jobs left that doesn't have at least basic computer skills as a requirement. More and more education is done with computer or pads. The demands are just getting higher and higher. The best, or at least the easiest way to learning new things is to have fun while doing them. Here at Cryom we love games, and we love kids. So now and then we put our every day work at side and instead develop a game or two for kids. We feel that it is important challenge your self now and then and also to give back to society, and what better way than to create games for kids is there?

Creating games is simply our way to relax, explore new things and just try to give back.

The best games in our oppinion are:

Games that teaches you someting,
Education is the key to everything.

Games that are enjoybable,
Laughter is the key stone to a long and happy life.

Games that are accessible,
Beeing able to participare on your own terms is the key to a strong spirit.

All games are free and available for Android and iPhone